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Peace Through Understanding

The Fraternal Order of Knights of Pythias and its members are dedicated to the cause of universal peace. Pythians are pledged to the promotion of understanding among men of good will as the surest means of attaining Universal Peace.

We believe that men, meeting in a spirit of goodwill, in an honest effort of understanding, can live together on this earth in peace and harmony.

We seek those who agree with this belief, and have a belief in a personal Supreme Being, to join our ranks in an effort to reach "Peace Through Understanding".

The Pythian Story

History of the Order
The Order of Knights of Pythias is a great international fraternity which was founded in Washington, DC, February 19, 1864, by Justus H. Rathbone, and embraces more than two thousand subordinate lodges in the United States and Canada, with occasional lodges having been formed elsewhere. The primary object of fraternal organizations is to promote friendship among men and to relieve suffering. Each organization adopts some outstanding principle as its objective. The individuality of an order is determined by its ideal sentiment. The distinguishing principles of the Order of Knights of Pythias are "FRIENDSHIP, CHARITY and BENEVOLENCE". CLICK TO LEARN MORE

Pythian Principles

The Fraternal Order of Knights of Pythias promotes cooperation and friendship between people of good will.

  • Pythians know one way to happiness is through service to mankind.

  • Pythians believe that friendship is an essential ingredient in life.

  • Pythians make Benevolence, Kindness, Generosity and Tolerance a reality in their lives.

  • Pythians place home ties at the top of their priority list.

  • Pythians are interested in public affairs on the local, state or province, national and international levels.

  • Pythians are eager to enhance the communities in which they live.

  • Pythians respect and honor the law of the land in which they live.

  • Pythians seek to expand their circle of influence by association with people of like interests and energy.